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App Design
November 12, 2017


Designing for our future generations


  • Design

    Research, UI/UX Design

  • Client

    Verrency Pvt. Ltd.

  • Tools

    Adobe Creative Suite, Marvel App

  • Timeline

    November 2017 - July 2018


Prototyping millennial banking app for a fin-tech startup

Verrency Ptv. Ltd. is a fintech startup based in Melbourne. The company wanted to dive into the behavioural habits, attitudes, painpoints and what do the millennials expect in terms of product offerings and services from their banks. The brief was to research, design and prototype a banking app for generation Y and Z.  

My role

Research + Design

I was the sole designer on this project and my reponsibilities included from conducting market and user research, interviews, creating personas, user journey map, low fidelity prototypes to high fidelity prototypes. 



After secondary research and conducting interviews, two personas were crafted.

Low-fidelity Prototype

Low-fidelity prototypes were created keeping in mind Verrency’s offerings and changing it accordingly to the needs to its end users (millennials).


High-fidelity prototypes

High fidelity prototypes were created for each product offerings. The main JTBD for the personas were to start saving money therefore an additional offering “Goals” was designed and pitched which was derived from the insights.


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