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Into the herbs

This is coming from personal experience 🙂 Almost a month ago, I started growing my own food at home. I always wanted to do it because of various reasons but more of because I didn’t want to get a ton of plastic at home (most of the fresh foods are packed in plastic bags and containers at our supermarkets in Melbourne).


As a beginner, it was kinda difficult for me to decide as to what should I start with. I did my initial research (depending on the current climatic conditions) and finally bought a cilantro sapling. I just bought soil with it and rest I used whatever container I had at home and converted it into my pot. The process of watching it grow was very exciting and required patience.


Therefore I came up with this idea of first of all educating people and encouraging them to start growing their own produce. Space and tools come secondary.


Aim to create a series of instruction manuals first – into the herbs, into the plants, into the flowers and into the veges which people get on subscription basis depending on their weeks preference and climatic conditions. It would come with a sapling or seeds inside. The manual would consist of basic description, characteristics, benefits, water, sunlight exposure, special instructions with common materials, tools required (mostly home supplies) and the spatial conditions that it could be placed in.


The manual can later be accompanied by an interactive app where there would be a series of interactive videos to how much to water and how to plant, alternative tools to use which most of the people would have at home (like even a egg cartons can be used for initial sowing of the plants), etc. Research is also being done of how to use sound in helping to grow your plants. The app can consists of all those interactive sounds to help grow plants at home.


Still working on the concept with a Landscape Architect and a developer to bring it to life.


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